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ARD Committee Manager Training 23-24 is a Course

ARD Committee Manager Training 23-24

12 credits


Full course description

This course provides best practices for ARD committee managers for local education agencies (LEAs) that choose to use this model. Other common job titles for this position include ARD Committee Facilitator, ARD Committee Chair, and Child-Centered Process Liaison. Position titles may vary from one LEA to another.

An ARD committee manager is a staff member who facilitates or leads ARD committee meetings and helps meet local, state, and federal guidelines for students being considered for or receiving special education and related services. 

An ARD committee manager's roles and responsibilities typically include:

  • Scheduling and mailing notices for ARD committee meetings.
  • Gathering relevant student data, such as, grades, attendance, behavior reports, progress monitoring data, universal screening results, previous and current evaluation reports.
  • Preparing and finalizing required ARD committee paperwork.
  • Facilitating the ARD committee meeting.
  • Sending completed Individualized Education Program (IEP) documents to the parents or guardians and archiving in accordance with LEA procedures.
  • Supporting families and school personnel with special education questions.
  • Assisting classroom teachers with understanding and documenting the receipt of students’ IEP paperwork.
  • Complying with requirements established by federal and state law, state board of education (SBOE) rules, local board policies, and special education operating procedures.

This course is intended to provide information, guidance, and best practice for successfully achieving these expectations.

This training was created by the Child Find, Evaluation, and ARD Supports Statewide Technical Assistance Network in collaboration with the Texas Education Agency.

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