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Expanded Core Curriculum: 21st Century Expanded Core Curriculum

1 credit

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Full course description

The Texas Sensory Support Network in partnership with the Texas Education Agency is pleased to present the Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC) and Caseload Management Professional Development Series. Robbin Clark will introduce the idea of 21st-century ECC. She will delve into ECC assessments and how to use these assessments in lessons that align with 21st-century skills by providing examples of ways to maximize your time with students.

This webinar is one of four in the ECC and Caseload Management Professional Development Series. Other webinars in this series include:

  • Expanded Core Curriculum: Teaching Assistive Technology within Other ECC Areas with Dr. Yue-Ting Siu
  • Expanded Core Curriculum: Infusing Other ECC Areas into Independent Living Activities with Dr. Sandra Lewis and Dr. Susan Yarbrough Garner
  • Expanded Core Curriculum: Fitting It All In with Jonathan Hooper